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The students of DCLS are part of a movement that is visibly and tangibly changing the atmosphere of one of the most influential cities in the world. We have the honor of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Los Angeles every single day through our Ministry Tracks.

Ministry Tracks take place 4 afternoons each week. Tracks are split up into semesters so each student will have the opportunity to be in 2 different tracks during their time in the program. The tracks that we currently offer are listed below, we also offer a number of creative tracks.


Adopt-A-Block: Known as the heart beat of the Dream Center, Adopt-A-Block doesn’t just happen on Saturdays, but through out the week as well. Things need to be prepared, people need to be served, events need to be planned- and this track is responsible for helping get these things done.

Youth Ministry Training: The Youth Ministry Training tracks are ones in which students will learn the ins and outs of youth ministry. From service development to administrative work and from mentorship to outreach, students with a desire to work with young people will learn exactly what it takes to be effective in today’s youth culture. The Youth Ministry Training is broken down into three separate tracks: Youth Outreach, Youth Administration, and the Youth Center. These tracks are a great way for Dream Center Leadership School students to be involved with the youth and make an impact in their lives.

Family Floor: Here at the Dream Center, we have two floors dedicated to helping families who were once without a home by giving them a place to live and get back on their feet. The students in this track get the opportunity to spend time with these families, serve them, and get to know them by helping out in all ways possible.

Marketing: Students in this track will be working with the Dream Center Marketing Department to help with graphic design, photography and social media. Students may also assist with website maintenance and development of promotional material for the Dream Center and the hundreds of ministries that operate on a daily basis.

Foster Care Intervention: When people think of a child being taken away from their parents they usually assume it is because of abuse or neglect. But a large percentage of these cases are due to poverty related issues and the fact that good parents simply don’t have the means to provide for their children. The Foster Care Intervention track is a pro-active ministry that takes beds, diapers, refrigerators, and other needs directly to the families so that they are able to stay together. It is our belief that no child should be taken away from loving parents due to poverty. We work hard to keep families together.

Church Relations: Community is a big part of the Dream Center, and that theme carries over to our church Angelus Temple. We want every person’s experience at Angelus Temple to be an unforgettable one. Making them feel welcome and at home from the moment they pull into the parking lot. The Church Relations track is responsible for helping create the atmosphere of Angelus Temple at services along with helping in the offices during the week making sure the members of Angelus Temple feel connected and appreciated.

Events: The biggest aspect of the Dream Center is outreach. Our events are the most effective way to get plugged into the neighborhood and meet the needs of the community. Students in the Events track would be responsible for planning, setting up, and running the events we put on at the Dream Center. Some of our larger events include: The Back to School Bash, our Thanksgiving Turkey Give-Away, and our Christmas Bike Give-Away.

Foster Care: The Dream Center has been blessed with a unique ministry that includes a family who has devoted their lives to adopting and fostering children who are mentally disabled due to abuse or neglect. Students in the track will go to the house to play and work with the children. Not only providing them positive stability, but also with a fun day.

Dream Center Academy: The Dream Center Academy track students are involved in tutoring students, helping with PE, running Work Study groups, packing and planning for outdoor trips. This track needs students that are willing to be bold in loving some often difficult to love students.

Human Trafficking Program: Through the Human Trafficking Program women are rescued and restored from a life of torture and abuse. Students in this track are responsible for creating learning opportunities for our residents, including cultural and educational activities. They also create the calendars and facilitate the events, activities, and crafts. This outreach is highly difficult and sensitive in nature, so DCLS student must be female and over the age of 22 in order to be eligible for this life-changing track.

Short-Term Mission: Our Short-Term Mission opportunity gives people from all over the world exposure and training to all of the different facets of ministry at the Dream Center in one week’s time. Students in this track get to help book teams, host them while they are here, and experience all of the different outreaches. This track is perfect for the students that are interested in obtaining a really good grasp on all aspects of the Dream Center ministry

GED: The GED ministry track consists of teaching students, completing paperwork profiling, and even transporting students to the test center on test days. It is an amazing opportunity to reach some of the neediest students, in terms of education, that one could ask for.

His Hands Extended: In His Hands Extended, our free clothing store located at the Dream Center, students sort through tens of thousands of pieces of donated clothing and shoes for men, women and children. They help create a beautiful boutique for people in need to come in and receive free items for themselves and their families. Students also help run the weekly clothing outreach, where hundreds of people line up for hours along the sidewalk of the Dream Center to receive desperately needed clothes.

Food Truck: The Food Truck goes where the need is greatest, but many of our more than 25 distribution sites are at elementary schools. Every item is carefully screened to meet all USDA requirements for health and safety. Our students sort produce, bread and canned food on site into grocery bags for a mom or dad to take home. They are able to learn the ins and out of a food ministry program and are feeding thousands of people every single week.

Children’s ministry: DCLS students in this track are taught how to run a children’s ministry, from preparing for services, to doing follow up and conducting kids outreaches. Anyone interested in working with children in any capacity would greatly benefit from being a part of this track.


Worship & Music Development: The Worship and Music Development track offers students a well-rounded knowledge of music theory and how to lead worship. Giving the students the opportunity to work creatively and productively with others while growing in their craft. We believe worship is more about how you live off stage than how you perform on it.

Dream Center Studios Track: In this track students will acquire many applicable tools such as: studio engineering, music production, editing, tuning vocals, fluent navigation of the latest recording software (Pro Tools, Logic, Melodyne, etc.) and more. These tools leave them better equipped with a skill set that will compete in many job markets pertaining to both corporate and private music studios.

We believe that academics are an essential part to each student’s success at the Dream Center Leadership School. Our heart has always been to train and mentor the young people that are under our leadership. We wholeheartedly believe in the Word of God’s urging to acquire wisdom and knowledge and how crucial this is in the life of a growing and maturing believer. This wisdom is taught and communicated through many different forms at the Dream Center Leadership School. Every week students will be in chapel services, small groups, and specifically designed classes that will help them maximize their time at the Dream Center as well as better prepare them for life when they leave. Students will also be poured into at our weekly church services at Angelus Temple by our Senior Pastor Matthew Barnett on Sundays and by amazing guest speakers at our Thursday night services.

One of the missing components of DCLS has always been higher education. Students are excited to be a part of this life-changing program, but may wonder if it comes at the expense of getting a head start on their education. Today there is no need to wonder. We are excited to announce our partnership with Southeastern University, based in Lakeland, Florida. Students can now be a full time student of The Dream Center Leadership School and have the option to earn up to 30 college credits during their first year and an additional 30 credits should they come back for a second year. It is the best of all worlds: A fully immersive urban ministry experience combined with fully accredited university curriculum. The Southeastern University Extension Site offers 2 degree programs that a DCLS student can enroll in. SEU offers a 2 year Associate of Arts degree and also a 2 year Associate of Ministerial Leadership degree.

You can check out what college classes are taught in each degree program here and by clicking on the appropriate degree program. If you have any questions about the specifics of the classes offered through the Southeastern University extension site here at The Dream Center you can email

DCLS students are not required to take the college classes as part of their DCLS experience but it is an option should they choose.

One of the most unique aspects of DCLS is the sense of community and the family atmosphere that is cultivated throughout the year. The heart of DCLS has always been radical servanthood, leadership development and personal discipleship. Although the program has grown immensely in numbers from when we first started, we have never allowed that growth to effect our core value of community. Here at DCLS our leadership team understands the great importance of discipleship and accountability while students are serving and developing their leadership skills. Listed below are three ways we build community at DCLS.


Team Nights are a big part of the program and take place once a month. This is a night where the entire class comes together as a family with the focus of building unity within the group. Team Nights are planned by staff and are always unique. Whether the theme of the team night is finding freedom within your own life or building unity within the group, these nights are strategically planned to build community and a sense of family within the class.


At the beginning of the year each student is placed in a small group that meets once a week for 2-3 hours. Each small group is lead by 2-3 second year students who provide a fun setting for the first years to get to know one another and fellowship in a smaller setting. It is a very positive way to make sure every student is being taken care of with the large amount of students in the overall program.


Community Nights take place once a month. The girls and guys split up for the night and do an activity together as a group. Community nights could range from a fun bonfire night at the beach to a crazy scavenger hunt all over the city of Los Angeles to an intimate night of worship on campus.

The students of DCLS have the privilege of traveling all over Southern California, performing for churches and schools every year.

Our production is a unique multimedia performance paired with anointed worship, a powerful message and always ends with an altar call and time of prayer. We travel with the goal of igniting the young people of this generation with a passion to rise up and embrace the leader that God has already called them to be.

Every student is given opportunities to use and grow their talents in the areas of dance, stomp, spoken word, worship, preaching etc. as they are directly involved with all creative aspects of producing and preforming our productions.

If you want to book DCLS to come to your church, please email our Director of Recruitment, Jo’Nique Chenier at

Below is the tentative schedule for the students of The Dream Center Leadership School. This schedule is subject to change without notice as needs arise or adjustments are made to further make the students’ experience more fulfilling. There are also many more opportunities for students to get involved over and above this timeline. We encourage the students to pursue other aspects of ministry beyond their normally scheduled out “9 to 5” day.


Day off


9:00-9:20am Worship

9:20-9:40am Devotions

9:40-10:30am Prayer

10:30-10:40am Break

10:40-11:10am Core Values

11:10-11:20am Break

11:20-12:00pm Bible Study

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-5:00pm Ministry Tracks


9:00-9:20am Worship

9:20-9:40am Devotions

9:40-10:30am Prayer

10:30-12:00pm Small Group

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-5:00pm Ministry Tracks


*=For Students Taking College Classes

8:00-12:00pm College Classes*

9:00-10:00am Leadership Class

10:00-11:00am Prayer

11:00-12:00pm Book Study

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-4:00pm Study Hall*

1:00-5:00pm Ministry Tracks

7:00-9:00pm Church


9:00-9:20am Worship

9:20-10:30am Chapel

10:30-11:30am Discussion Time

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-5:00pm Ministry


8:45-9:15am Adopt-a-Block Prayer

9:30am-1:00pm Adopt-a-Block


9:30-1:00pm Church Services

Core Values: Core Values is a class where students will learn the Bible from a Hebraic perspective. The goal of this class is to inspire students to learn the culture of the Bible. Through these teachings we want to spark a desire for students to ask genuine questions that will help them in their everyday life.

Devotionals: Devotionals is a time where the DCLS first year students get the opportunity to share what God has placed on their heart. Each student is assigned a morning to speak for 15-20 minutes to challenge and inspire the class for the day ahead.

DCLS Chapel: The heart of Dream Center Leadership School is to equally combine serving with spiritual growth. Once a week we are able to meet together and have a time of corporate worship and teaching from our Executive Director, Aaron Bradley and various guest speakers. This gives the students time to be poured into and prayed over by their peers and DCLS staff, making sure they are spiritually filled and ready for their week.

Adopt-A-Block: The Adopt-A-Block ministry is the largest and longest running ministry at the Dream Center, beginning with Pastor Matthew following his philosophy of, “find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it”. Every Saturday the students will go out to their assigned site to give out food, diapers, hygiene products, and other needs to the community, along with building personal relationship with the people at their sites. Our vision is to not only meet the needs physically, but spiritually as well.

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