Experience LA

Everyone should live in LA at least once in their life! A huge part of the students time here is being able to experience everything the city has to offer. LA is an ethically and culturally diverse city that encourages anything new and healthy. The weather is always great, the beaches are always near, and the people are always interesting. Check out some of the attractions students are able to enjoy during their free time!


  • Griffith Observatory (Hollywood Sign) 3.5 mi
  • Disneyland 27 mi
  • In-N-Out Burger 4.4 mi (Yes, this is an attraction)
  • Santa Monica Pier 14 mi
  • The Grove (Shopping and Farmers Market) 5 mi
  • Arts District 2.8 mi
  • LA Live (Downtown LA) 2.1 mi
  • Malibu Beach 28 mi
  • Angelus National Forest 20 mi
  • Big Bear Mountains 98 mi