Spiritual and Academic Development

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Spiritual and Academic Development

Establish a renewed sense of God, self and purpose

Spiritual development is a huge part of the students' overall process of growth. DCLS was built on personal and intentional discipleship. Our students are challenged to strengthen the foundation of their relationship with God everyday. With our development classes, special team events, one-on-one discipleship and the overall Dream Center experience, students graduate from DCLS drastically transformed.

Mentorship and Coaching

Personal mentorship for each student has always been a high priority in DCLS. The Lead team intentionally partners alongside students on their journey. In addition to our men/women events, these leaders will present frequent one on one opportunities for the students to be coached and developed.

SEU opportunities

Through our partnership with South Eastern University, we offer accredited college remote learning opportunities.


Students of the Dream Center Leadership School are empowered through weekly gospel-centered messages from our Executive Leadership, and invited guest speakers.

Leadership Classes

Students are given the opportunity to grow and learn through a biblically robust, intentionally curated curriculum. Our coursework engages key topics such as formative Bible passages, our identity in Christ, community development, discovering your callings, practical leadership skills for any vocation and more.

Small Groups

Our students get to learn how to develop authentic community and intentional relationships through our Small Groups. We believe God engages us in community, and so much of what our students learn in class they get to grow in through community.

Angelus Temple

As the Church of the Dream Center, Students will get to enjoy messages and learn from our pastors Matthew and Caroline Barnett as well world-renowned guest speakers from all over the world every Thursday Night.
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