Student Life

Here’s what you can expect to see on and around the Dream Center campus!


The students live in a three-story dorm on the Dream Center campus. rooms come with an AC/Heater unit, one twin-sized bunk bed, an under bed drawer per person, and a closet to share. Each floor has:
  • Common Lounges
  • Kitchens
  • Access to WiFi
  • Communal Restrooms and Showers

Student Life Events

Our Leadership Team loves to create events for the students to connect with their classmates to grow together spiritually and practically.
  • Men/Women Team Days
  • Creative Nights
  • Team Building Events
  • Students Hangouts: ex. Beach Days, Hikes, Game Day
  • Graduation: Banquet, Class Alumni events.

On Campus Facilities

Here’s what you can expect to see on and around the Dream Center campus!
  • DC Diner - provides three meals a day, seven days a week
  • DC Fitness - is fully equipped with several types of machines, including elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, free weights and basketball gymnasium.
  • DC Thrift store
  • 8th Floor Lounge - a communal lounge for DC Residents
  • Laundry Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Prayer Chapel
  • Liberatore Chapel


Embrace a community that's created by the compassionate acts of like-minded people

The community at the Dream Center is vibrant and uplifting. There’s nothing quite like young people coming together from all over the world for a common cause. One of the most unique aspects of DCLS is the sense of community and family atmosphere that's cultivated throughout the year.

Community Groups

Each student is prayerfully placed into a Community Group for the year. The purpose of these groups is to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to be themselves and are challenged to grow together. This is a valuable part of DCLS because it gives students the opportunity to create meaningful relationships, which we believe is essential.

Team Nights

Over the years in DCLS, we have developed special times that bring the class together through both spiritual development and fun team building events. Champion Day, Beach Day, and our Christmas Party are just a few events that make DCLS memorable.

Dorm Life

When you’re around the same people 24/7 and get to do life together, they became your family. Our second years help create a welcoming and exciting environment on the floors. The dorm life in DCLS is unlike any other; worship sessions, movie nights, 2K tournaments, and so much more. Check out the QUESTIONS page for more on dorm rooms.

Girl/Guy Events

Our discipleship leaders love creating events for the students to connect with their classmates on a more intimate level. These events are special because it allows them to spend as much time together as possible, in an environment where they can have fun and grow together spiritually and practically.

Living in LA

A huge part of the students' time here is being able to experience and explore everything the city has to offer. LA is an ethically and culturally diverse city that encourages anything new and healthy. The weather is always great and the beaches are always near.


  • Griffith Observatory (Hollywood Sign) 3.5 mi
  • Disneyland 27 mi
  • In-N-Out Burger 4.4 mi (Yes, this is an attraction)
  • Santa Monica Pier 14 mi
  • The Grove (Shopping and Farmers Market) 5 mi
  • Arts District 2.8 mi
  • LA Live (Downtown LA) 2.1 mi
  • Malibu Beach 28 mi
  • Angelus National Forest 20 mi
  • Big Bear Mountains 98 mi


  • Chipotle 0.4 mi
  • The Habit Burger 0.4 mi
  • Starbucks Reserve 0.4 mi
  • Intelligentsia Coffee (Trendy option) 1.4 mi
  • Dodger Stadium 1.7 mi
  • Elysian Park 1.9 mi
  • The Americana (Shopping) 4.8 mi
  • Lassens Natural Foods 0.7 mi
  • Trader Joe’s 2.3 mi
  • Target 1.8 mi
  • Walgreens 0.7 mi