Ministry Tracks

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Ministry Tracks

Serve the people of Los Angeles while discovering your passions

Ministry Tracks take place four afternoons each week and are split into semesters, so each student will have the opportunity to go through two during their time in DCLS. A track orientation will be held during the first week of each semester, where students will hear a thorough explanation of all Ministry Track options.

Oasis of Hollywood

The Oasis of Hollywood is a non-profit organization that does preventive work with kids and teenagers living in Hollywood. As part of the Oasis track, students are heavily involved with the Kidz Klub Program and Oasis Youth on Tuesday and Friday nights.


“Adopt-A-Block is the simplest of activities, but it has an unbelievable ripple effect.” – Pastor Matthew Barnett. The AAB track builds lasting relationships at each site throughout the week and gets to learn the behind the scenes operations of this incredible ministry.


Our Short Term Missions department hosts teams that come to serve at the Dream Center. Students will get to know teams and connect with them on their outreaches. This track offers both office work and outreach opportunities. This track is perfect for someone looking for a little bit of both.

Local Volunteers

Local Volunteers track students will be working with LA based volunteers during the week and host them on outreaches. Similar to our Short Term Missions Department, this track also offers work in the office and outreach opportunities.

Children's Ministry

The Kids Dream Zone loves helping kids find their purpose. Students in this track will be a part of weekly outreaches as well as planning and preparing lessons for the kids at our Thursday night and Sunday services.

Foster Care Intervention

The core of Foster Care Intervention is building relationships with the families and becoming a part of their community while we serve their immediate needs. Students will work with families that have open cases with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and help by providing basic necessities such as furniture, food, hygiene products, etc. Foster Care Intervention does this in hopes of introducing them to lasting, God-centered relationships.

Food Truck

Food Truck has 34 sites a week all over Los Angeles. Students will go out to many different sites and hand out food and pray for people. Through this, they are able to create relationships with the families and bless those in need with as much food as possible.


This track gives you a little bit of everything. Students will learn administrative skills, plan events, help out the Family Floor ministry and go out on outreach every other week.

Family Floor

Family Floor has two entire floors based here at the Dream Center for families experiencing homelessness. One big thing we focus on in track time is building relationships with the families; we do so by praying over the floors, the families, and writing them letters. Track students will see the families on every day basis and will be able to walk through life with them.

Youth Nation

Youth Nation believes that our youth are the future, and wants to help raise up the next generation in a Godly way. Students will help by providing administrative support for the youth ministry, connecting with the youth students outside of the office, and help plan quarterly youth services, life groups, and big events.

Church Relations

In Church Relations, students will learn the ins and outs of how a church functions on a daily basis. This includes setup, guest services, follow up and planning church events.

Worship Track

The main focus of worship track has been and will continue to be the heart of worship. The question we ask is, “How we can bring God our absolute best in worship and why should we?” This track looks for people that are willing to put in time and dedication to grow in worship.
icon outreach We get to serve Read more
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